Ever seen a

Ever seen a

We work with safari guides, conservation experts, and wildlife enthusiasts to track sightings of pangolins in the wild. We track historical and live sightings of pangolins, shedding much needed insights into pangolin population numbers and their distribution.

This data makes it possible to coordinate conservation efforts to protect pangolins.

Working with the below initiatives, we give those who have had the pleasure of a pangolin sighting an opportunity to safeguard the animal’s future.

Have you ever spotted a pangolin in the wild?

Record your historic pangolin sighting here. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was – we need all the data we can get.
This historical data will be processed along with the live data from the Pangolert initiative.

live sightings

Live Sightings

We’ve set up a dedicated “Pangolert” WhatsApp line to help record sightings of Pangolins. Because of its encryption capabilities, WhatsApp offers the perfect, secure connection to report pangolin sightings.

historical sightings

Past Sightings

Have you spotted a pangolin within the past year or even several years ago? Such sightings are crucial! Each past observation contributes to the wealth of data available to researchers and conservationists. Your report aids in enhancing our comprehension of pangolin behaviors, ultimately guiding efforts to protect these remarkable creatures for generations to come.

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