Pangolin friendly farm fencing

One of the biggest threats facing pangolins in southern Africa is their accidental electrocution on electrified fences. Studies have found that as many as 1,000 pangolins may be killed on these fences every year in South Africa alone, possibly overshadowing the illegal wildlife trade as a threat to pangolins in this region.

In an effort to drastically reduce the number of pangolins that are accidentally electrocuted on electrified fences in South Africa each year, Pangolin.Africa, the Tikki Hywood Foundation and the Kalahari Wildlife Project, in collaboration with the Oppenheimer Foundation, Protoclea and Stafix are currently working on a ground-breaking new system to prevent these mortalities.

Field trials have recently begun and we will share more details on this exciting venture in the near future!

The development and roll-out of this project are made possible through funding and support from Save Pangolins, Stafix Electric Fence and Security Centre and JVA Technologies (Australia). The project team is also grateful to installation partners Maclin Power Fencing, and Stafix Kimberley and Stafix Polokwane for funding installation costs and generally providing support and advice to the project.  We also recognise security engineering company Protoclea for initially conceptualising this potential fence solution.

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