Through our three-pronged approach of publicity, participation, and protection, we work with global partners in tourism, conservation, and business to contribute to research, protection, and rehabilitation of this vulnerable species.

“Pangolins are an integral part of Africa’s rich natural heritage. Pangolin.Africa works to support awareness and conservation efforts that protect their important contribution to the continent’s biodiversity, but also safeguards their future for this generation and those to come,” says Pangolin.Africa Founder Toby Jermyn.

Our Projects

Rescue & rehabilitation

We support conservationists to rehabilitate pangolins in their natural environment, ensuring a swift return to the wild.

Educating youth in Africa

Our youth outreach encourages Africa’s next generation to protect pangolins – and become environmental champions.

Pangolin friendly fencing

We aim to reduce pangolin mortalities on electric fencing by supporting innovative pilot projects to redesign fences.

Supplying essential gear

We provide satellite transmitters, tracking devices, and camera traps to conservation partners working in southern Africa.

Eye of the Pangolin film

Our ground-breaking documentary raises awareness about the critical situation facing the African pangolin.

Tracking pangolin sightings

We track historical and live sightings of pangolins, shedding much needed light into their population and distribution.

Become a Pangolin Guardian

pangolin guardian w

Join us and become a #PangolinGuardian. Our flagship education programme is a free, two-part course that gives you fascinating facts about pangolins and what to do if you encounter these incredible creatures in the wild.