Supplying essential
research gear

Supplying essential
research gear

We provide conservationists with essential research gear to aid their work monitoring the movements and well-being of pangolins in southern Africa.

Our support contributes to a better understanding of pangolins in their natural habitat and ensures successful reintegration into the wild.

Equipment we provide includes satellite transmitters, tracking devices, and camera traps that are invaluable for gathering data that helps us strengthen pangolin conservation efforts and safeguard their future.

Why we support pangolin conservation

Pangolins are solitary animals that are active mostly at night. This secretive behaviour makes it difficult to determine how many pangolins are left on the African continent – or the world. It also poses a challenge for researchers wanting to better understand how pangolins live, move, and survive.

Camera traps and tracking devices serve as crucial tools to help research conservationists gather valuable data on pangolin distribution, feeding habits, and other activities. This is especially important during the first few days following the release of a pangolin back into the wild.

The equipment and support we provide include:

  • Camera traps which enable the tracking of pangolins using passive infrared sensors.
  • Satellite tracking devices, like small-sized GPS trackers, that are designed specifically to be affixed to a pangolin in a safe, comfortable, and reliable way to track its movements and wellbeing.
  • Data insights into pangolin population numbers across southern Africa.
  • Evidence that aids our understanding of how pangolins behave when in their natural habitat.
  • Reintegration of rehabilitated pangolins into the wild.

We aim to provide our pangolin conservation partners in southern Africa with all the essential gear they require. You can support this work by donating to our efforts in general, or to the specific goals below.

A donation of R5,000 enables us to attach a VHF transmitter to a pangolin, allowing us to track them & ensure their successful reintegration into the wild.

A donation of R7,500 supports purchase & delivery of a camera trap to one of our research partners in southern Africa.

A donation of R20,000 enables us to affix a satellite transmitter to provide detailed records of a pangolin’s movements, offering additional scientific insights.

Become a Pangolin Guardian

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Become a Pangolin Guardian. Our flagship education program is a free, two-part course that gives you fascinating facts about Pangolins and what to do if you encounter one of these incredible creatures in the wild.