Supplying essential research gear

Pangolins are enigmatic creatures and challenging to monitor – especially the nocturnal species who only step out after dark. This makes finding them to conduct invaluable research on their behaviour and movements, an almost impossible task. Camera traps and tracking devices are the best tools to supply invaluable data on distribution, feeding and other activities and help researchers better understand their behaviour.

With every R7,500 we raise we can purchase a camera trap and courier it to one of our research partners across Africa who needs this special equipment.

Fitting pangolins with satellite tracking devices is often the only way conservationists can keep monitoring the movements and well-being of pangolins, especially during the first few days following the release of a pangolin back into the wild. We are conducting research to better understand current pangolin encounters in the wild. Click here to take the survey.

For R5,000 we can fit a VHF transmitter to a pangolin and track them to ensure their successful reintegration back into the wild. With R20 000 we can fit a satellite transmitter that will provide more detailed records of the animal’s movements and provides additional scientific information.