Thursday, 14 November 2018

Have you ever seen a pangolin?

Despite the fact that the African pangolin has been around for over 40 million years, chances are you’ve probably never seen one and perhaps you don’t even know what a pangolin is.

Pangolin.Africa is a non-profit organisation committed to educating people about these secretive and strange looking creatures – also known as scaly anteaters – and to highlighting their status as the world’s most trafficked animal.

On 16 February 2019 we celebrate World Pangolin Day, and here’s how you can get involved.

If you’ve never heard of a pangolin then take time to visit for lots of fascinating facts, photos and film clips about the African pangolin.

Then share information from the website on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter, tag 10 friends, and challenge them to do the same. Even if you already know what a pangolin is, please also visit the site and share details with as many people as you can about the pangolin and the urgent need to protect them.

If everyone tags just ten friends in pangolin posts, on or before World Pangolin Day, we will make great strides in our mission to save all four African pangolin species.

Pangolin.Africa is coordinating several conservation and education programmes that you can get involved with too. You can also join Team Pangolin on their website and be kept up to date with the fight to save the species.

There isn’t much time. It’s estimated that one pangolin is stolen from the wild every five minutes. Don’t let the pangolin become our generation’s dodo!