What we do

Pangolin.Africa is a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of the African Pangolin – the most trafficked animal on earth. The organisation was founded in 2018 by Pangolin Photo Safaris, who has committed to funding the operational needs of the NGO.

Conservationists estimate that one pangolin is poached from the wild every five minutes due to the huge demand from the African and Asian traditional medicine markets. Asian Pangolin populations are being decimated and we cannot allow this to happen in Africa.

Through our three-pronged approach of Publicity, Participation and Protection, we work with partners in the tourism, conservation and corporate fields to support the conservation of the African Pangolin by increasing worldwide awareness of the species; gathering data to contribute towards much-needed research; and implementing protection and rehabilitation projects on the ground.

We invite you to join #TeamPangolin and help ensure the survival of this species before it is too late.


Eye of the Pangolin is the powerful film we’ve produced to tell the world about the critical situation facing the African pangolin. We also use social media extensively to spread the word about this amazing creature, and offer educational resources for schools. People need to know what a pangolin is to care enough to help save it!


It’s difficult to protect a species when you don’t have much data on its numbers or whereabouts. Pangolins are such secretive animals that, up to now, all we have gathered is bits of data and stories of sightings. Visit our Sightings page to learn how you can help us collect more information and contribute towards research.


We work with partners to implement pangolin conservation projects on the ground. We also play an integral role in bringing together, promoting and raising funds for other individuals and organisations across Africa who are working to protect the four species of African pangolin.