Scales is the follow-up film to Eye Of The Pangolin. It goes further and deeper into the pangolin story and asks why they are in such demand – and what this says about our relationship with nature.

In an increasingly personal quest, director Bruce Young talks to people on all sides of the issue – about the trade, the demand and the hope.

When pangolins were linked to the spread of the coronavirus, the race to save the animal from extinction became more urgent and relevant than ever.

We’ve now completed shooting in Cameroon, NigeriaSouth Africa and Zimbabwe. This year we need to get to the USA and Asia in order to complete the production phase of our film. Then we can begin the post-production. The feature-length documentary is produced by Silver Bullet Films.

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Meet the Team

Bruce Young – Director | Writer
Diana Keam – Producer
Wayne de Lange (SASC) – Executive Producer | Cinematographer
Warren Smart – Cinematographer
Lubabalo Bozo – Sound