How far will you go to save a species?

Whether you run marathons, fun runs or just run for the bus, here’s an opportunity to do something really amazing for conservation on
World Pangolin Day, Saturday 15 February 2020!

Join thousands of pangolin supporters around the world who will be hitting the tar, track, trail or treadmill to raise awareness for pangolins. You’ll become a “mobile pangolin ambassador” for the day as we’ll equip you with a campaign running bib and pangolin facts so you can answer any questions about why you’re running for this extraordinary animal.

Participating in the #running4pangolins global campaign is easy, fun and free! All we’re asking for is your time.

There is no set route or minimum distance. You can run anywhere, at any time on the day. Just run!

1. Register below

2. Receive your free #running4pangolins info pack by email


 •  A printable running bib to pin onto your shirt
•  Pangolin fact sheet
•  Official sponsorship form

3. Tell your friends on social media you’ve signed up, using the hashtag #running4pangolins
– then challenge them to do the same!

Raise awareness, raise money, or raise both!

You can also ask friends and family to sponsor you per kilometer or mile and raise money for pangolin conservation.
(Note: parkruns policy states you may not actively fundraise at their events)

Together we can raise global awareness about the most trafficked wildlife species on earth.

Registration Form

Please share this page with your friends, family and running club, but register individually to receive your packs.

  • Anyone participating in the #running4pangolins campaign is doing so at their own risk. Pangolin.Africa and all affiliated companies associated with the execution of this campaign may not be held liable for any loss, damage, costs or injury participants may suffer as a result of their participation in this campaign. Seek advice from your GP before taking part in any strenuous physical activity. Children participating in a run should be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian. Use of the Pangolin.Africa logo and associated emblems should be used solely for the purposes of promoting pangolin conservation and not for commercial purposes. Permission to use said design work requires approval from Pangolin.Africa in writing.
  • Should you choose to get sponsorship for your participation in #running4pangolins (which we hope you will), all funds raised are to be donated to Pangolin.Africa within one week of participating in the event, via our donation platforms.