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We have partnered with Pangolin Photo Safaris, Biggest Leaf Travel and award-winning South African filmmakers Bruce Young and Johan Vermeulen to produce a powerful, awareness raising film about the critical situation facing the African pangolin.

From the co-director of Blood Lions, this powerful documentary is the story of two men on a mission to get all four species of African pangolin on camera for the very first time. As they travel the continent to learn more about those caring for and studying pangolins they are captivated by these strange, secretive creatures and document the race to save them from being poached to extinction.

The film premiered on Endangered Species Day, Friday 17 May, and is freely available online for worldwide viewing on YouTube.

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Eye of the Pangolin Film

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It’s a very powerful and inspiring film, I knew about pangolin poaching but I didn’t think it was that much… I will share this film because I think a lot of people don’t even know what a pangolin is, this film can raise people awareness and people interest! Thank you for this amazing video!

Marine Montblanc
An incredible film, the footage was beautifully shot and the information was amazing and heartbreaking

Becca Cassidy-Simpkins, David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

BRILLIANT… BREATH-TAKING… HEART BREAKING!! The greed of humanity is endless and we are destroying the very circle of life that is so incredibly fragile. We have no respect for each living creature that forms the jigsaw puzzle of our existence. Education is so important so we can all learn to coexist with each and every creature on the planet. Humans have destroyed so much and now it’s time that humanity gives back and fixes what we have broken. THANK YOU for this special film about such a gentle creature that most of us have never had the privilege of meeting. YES, we have to stay positive and turn the tables of possible extinction of may species and save these precious creatures URGENTLY as this beautiful planet we live on is slowly being TAKEN away through our ignorance and carelessness. We are ripping our planet to pieces and nature will eventually fight back and humanity will feel her wrath. Be safe little Pangolins.

Gina Boxley
I have laughed and I have sobbed and I have fallen madly in love with the pangolin!!!! What an incredible movie!!!!!!! It is so very well done before I knew it 45 minutes had passed and I was wanting more. I do hope this film goes on to deservedly win a million awards and, more than that will help the pangolin survive.

Caren Banks, Rhode Island, USA

Absolutely brilliant!!! Loved pangolins, no 1 on my bucket list, now I’m besotted. Cried my eyes out. My life will never be the same, passion took over. We need to do more to save them!!!

Lize Bester
I so enjoyed the film. A real eye-opener, gripping and emotive. And now I am totally in love with these ponderous, gorgeous critters

Lorraine Kearney, Writer and sub editor: BA High Life magazine

It was a very moving film in the sense that what we are watching may be the last that we will see of the Pangolin in its natural habitat. So SAD.

Nundha Kistasamy

Amazing, heart-warming but very very sad and frightening. What a beautiful little creature. Thanx to everybody that is working so hard and doing so much to help save the Pangolin In my eyes you are all heroes. God bless you !!

Vaughan du Toit

Thanks for a great movie!

Koen Dehaene
My deepest thanks and gratitude to you for bringing the plight of the Pangolin onto the world stage. It is a hard hitting documentary, and so it should be, and brings into sharp focus the extent of man’s greed and the lengths to which he will go to satisfy his lust, even to the extent of wiping out entire species. What saddens me most is the fact that most of the species they are eliminating are not endemic to their own country/continent, so their attitude appears to be, in the words of Alfred E. Neuman (of Mad Magazine fame), “What, me worry?”

Tommy Trevethan

So appreciative of the work being done and being given insight into moments shared with us. Thank you to all involved.

Brenda Lombard

I thank you so much for such a captivating movie, I have never seen any pangolin, but I really learned a lot! I pray that the people trafficking in wild animals will be caught and punished. Thank you for this brilliant film!

Martie Scott

Our goal is to make Eye of the Pangolin the most widely watched wildlife documentary ever, that will be seen by millions of people around the world via free online platforms, through schools and other educational establishments, at wildlife film festivals, and at screenings supported other conservation organisations everywhere. By making the film open source we can reach the greatest possible number of viewers because we believe that if people come to know the African pangolin they will care enough to somehow help put a stop to the horrific trade.

The film is not suitable for kids under the age of 13, so please share responsibly.

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