We’ve set up a dedicated “Pangolert” WhatsApp line to help record sightings of Pangolins. Because of its encryption capabilities, WhatsApp offers the perfect, secure connection to report pangolin sightings. The information is communicated directly and exclusively to our research partners to contribute towards their population and distribution data.


How it works

Make sure you have the Pangolert number saved on your phone and WhatsApp installed

If you are lucky enough to see a pangolin take a picture as soon as you can and send it to the Pangolert number

In the WhatsApp app, click on the plus sign at the bottom of the message screen and select “Location” and send this too

No signal? No problem!
The sighting will be transmitted to us once you are connected again to the internet

Pangolins in peril?

If you see a Pangolin in distress or captivity or in the process of being trafficked or offered for sale then please call the Pangolert number instead. Please note that calls to this number must be made using your cellular/mobile minutes or from a landline, and do not work with WhatsApp calls. Only call the number to report Pangolins in peril. This is an emergency number monitored by volunteers.

Share your historical sightings

If you’ve ever spotted a pangolin in the wild, no matter how long ago it was, please record it too.