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Doing laundry is no easy task on the best of days, now imagine it at a veterinary clinic! Washing machines are invaluable to the smooth running of our rehabilitation facilities. By adding a few new machines to the clinic, the team will be able to operate much more efficiently and look after our friends with comfortable and clean blankets, sheets and whatever else they may need.

R750 is Approx. – USD: 50 | EUR: 45 | GBP: 38 | AUD: 68 | CAD: 63

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As you can imagine, working on the front line of rehabilitating animals can be quite messy work. In order to keep the veterinary facilities clean and tidy, we need to keep up with the housekeeping. A reliable washing machine for our team goes for about R4500. 

If you’d like to contribute a whole washing machine, please add 6 items to the cart.

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Due to the ever-changing nature of conservation projects, we reserve the right to re-allocate funds within the Kalahari Wildlife Project once the initial quota for this product has been reached. Rest assured that all funds will be spent solely for the use of rescue and rehabilitation activities by the centre.