Fridge and freezer


A fridge and freezer combination is an essential appliance for the smooth running of the rehabilitation centre. Medicine and foods need to be kept cool to keep them fresh and effective. Plus, it just makes doing what we do a lot easier and more convenient. Contribute towards this great combination or purchase a whole set for the team! By contributing R500, you’ll be helping with a seventh of a fridge and freezer set. 

R500 is Approx. – USD: 32 | EUR: 30 | GBP: 25 | AUD: 45 | CAD: 42

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As with all the equipment we are buying for the centre we have opted for quality brands and just rushing out to get a replacement or calling in a repairman is tricky in The Northern Cape. As the centre gets busier and increases its capacity we need more cold storage. Initially, we will start with two fridges/freezers at R3500 each and order more as required.

If you would like to donate the total cost of a fridge freezer then add 7 of these items to your cart.

Additional information


Due to the ever-changing nature of conservation projects, we reserve the right to re-allocate funds within the Kalahari Wildlife Project once the initial quota for this product has been reached. Rest assured that all funds will be spent solely for the use of rescue and rehabilitation activities by the centre.