Rechargeable flashlight


This might seem like a simple piece of kit but it is far more useful to a Pangolin Protector than you can imagine. They spend long hours out in the Kalahari bush at night walking the pangolins so they can forage. If we used battery-powered torches for this then we would probably bankrupt the centre. Each protector has two torches – one as a backup. They are also used by the staff at the rehab centre when the power goes off. 

R250 is Approx. – USD: 16| EUR: 15 | GBP: 12.5 | AUD: 23 | CAD: 21



Like everything that we buy for the centre, we opt for quality so that we minimise the need for replacement. The rechargeable torches we buy are both rugged and dependable – two key characteristics you need in a rechargeable torch!

They are not terribly expensive items to purchase and if you would like to donate 1 torch then please add 6 items to your cart.

Additional information


Due to the ever-changing nature of conservation projects, we reserve the right to re-allocate funds within the Kalahari Wildlife Project once the initial quota for this product has been reached. Rest assured that all funds will be spent solely for the use of rescue and rehabilitation activities by the centre.