Heating pads


The Kalahari can be bitterly cold during the winter times and even a little fresh during the days too. When the pangolins are being transported or are sleeping in their boxes during the day in the clinic we like to keep them at a constant temperature. These mini heated blankets allow us to do just that. A warm comfortable pangolin is a happy pangolin.

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The heating pads are certainly not the most expensive item but they are definitely much needed. We like to send at least of these along with every box that we distribute to places like vets, border posts, anti-poaching and law enforcement stations ready to receive a rescued pangolin.

Each warming pad costs around R500 so if you would like to add 1 whole pad to the donation then please select 2 units and add them to the cart.

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Due to the ever-changing nature of conservation projects, we reserve the right to re-allocate funds within the Kalahari Wildlife Project once the initial quota for this product has been reached. Rest assured that all funds will be spent solely for the use of rescue and rehabilitation activities by the centre.