Pangolin.Africa is a major production partner in the ground-breaking new documentary, Eye of the Pangolin. The film is the story of two South African filmmakers who travel the continent to find the elusive African pangolin, the most trafficked mammal on earth. Along the way, they also meet the people who are trying to save the creature which is now on the edge of extinction.

Rather than taking the traditional route of making the film and then approaching distribution partners (like tv companies and cinemas) to buy it we raised all the production money before so we could release it online for free on Youtube. We now need to get it seen! This is where you can help.

Our goal is to reach 10 million views and make Eye of the Pangolin the most watched wildlife documentary ever because we believe that if people come to know the pangolin they will care enough to help save it.

Hiring a cinema to screen a film can be really expensive – and the audience is limited by the number of seats available. So we’ve created a really simple way for anyone with a website or blog to support the distribution of the film by hosting an online screening of the film.

Step 1

Create a new page on your website and load the Youtube Iframe code that you will receive once you have registered below.

Step 2

Add your own message and images to your followers (eg info of a new product launch or maybe just well wishes for the campaign from your company).

Step 3

Reach out to your customers, suppliers, followers and friends and direct them to the page to view the film. The film is only 45 minutes long so can fit neatly into a lunch hour for example.

In return, you will be associated with the film and you’ll receive the following:

  • Promotional content and images for your social media channels and/or newsletter to stimulate engagement and help drive traffic to the film page, resulting in increased traffic to your website. Everyone wins…especially the pangolins.

  • Positive PR for your organisation with being part of this amazing campaign to raise awareness about the most trafficked animal on earth

If you would like to support this global conservation initiative, sign up below to access the Pangolin Virtual Screening Partner toolkit which includes everything you need to get started!

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