Pangolin.Africa is a registered NPO, NPC Registration number: 2018/380634/08.

Our goal is to raise R1.3 million (US$80,000) per year to fund our pangolin awareness, education, research and protection work.

Here are some of the projects we are currently implementing or supporting.

Pangolin rescue and rehabilitation

We have established the Kalahari Pangolin.Africa Rehabilitation Facility in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, for pangolins rescued from electric fencing – a common feature on game and livestock farms in the region – and pangolins rescued from the illegal wildlife trade.

Running costs for the facility include veterinary consultations, medicine, equipment, DNA testing, transport, and staff to monitor, feed and walk the pangolins.

Our goal is to raise R720,000 to run the facility each year.

Educating rural kids in Africa

We’ve launched an intensive educational campaign for Eye of the Pangolin, to take the film to schools in high poaching areas across the continent where poaching may be a community livelihood or cultural practice.

We are developing an 8-minute version of our film, with the aim of screening to primary schools across southern Africa. Each school visit includes:

  • A screening of the film facilitated by our education staff
  • An interactive discussion with learners
  • Challenging each learner to pledge to tell 10 people about pangolins, thereby expanding the awareness reach tenfold
  • Follow up with the school after a month to assess learners’ understanding and attitude changes, and awarding a special ‘pangolin protector’ badge to learners

For every R5,000 we raise we can show the film to 100 children at a school. We need R540,000 per year to reach 11,000 learners.

Buying essential research gear

Pangolins are enigmatic creatures and challenging to monitor – especially the nocturnal species who only step out after dark. Camera traps and tracking devices are the best tools to supply invaluable data on distribution, feeding and other activities and help researchers better understand their behaviour.

With every R5,000 we raise we can purchase a camera trap and courier it to one of our research partners across Africa who needs this special equipment.

Fitting pangolins with tracking devices is often the only way conservationists can continue to monitor rehabilitated pangolins after their release.

For R7,500 we can fit a transmitter to a pangolin and track them to ensure their successful reintegration back into the wild.

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