Do you speak Pangolin?
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To ensure the greatest impact of our film we need to translate Eye of the Pangolin into a number of African and other foreign languages such as Swahili, Sotho, Zulu, Tsonga, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese and Cambodian.

With your help, we can translate the film – using subtitles or voice-overs – and make it accessible to even more people across the African continent, particularly those living in high poaching buffer zones. We also want to reach out to youth living in China, Vietnam and other Asian countries where pangolin scales and body parts are used in traditional medicine and their meat are regarded as a delicacy.

To encourage positive perceptual and behavioural changes, we need to communicate our message to these audiences in their own language.

Please donate to help raise funds needed to cover the costs of a transcriber, editor, postproduction supervisor, and voice-over talent.