Help fund essential pangolin research

  Known as “The Pangolin Doctor” Karin has [...]

Sponsor a camera trap

Pangolins are enigmatic creatures and very challenging to monitor – [...]

Help us show our film to kids in Africa

We’re launching an intensive educational campaign for Eye of the [...]

Help us track pangolins in the Northern Cape

Fitting pangolins with tracking devices is vital to being able [...]

Please support the sustainability of our work

We’re driving widespread awareness and education campaigns, encouraging and contributing [...]

Sharing is Caring

We believe that the more people know about pangolins, the [...]

Push your boundaries for Pangolins

Are you training for your next ultra-marathon, cycling across your [...]

Northern Cape pangolin rehabilitation initiative

Machel van Niekerk is a veterinary nurse based on a [...]

Do you speak Pangolin?

To ensure the greatest impact of our film we need [...]

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