Take our FREE two-part course and discover fascinating facts about Pangolins and what to when you encounter one of these incredible creatures in the wild. After each video, you can test your knowledge with a brief quiz.

What our #PangolinGuardians say

Very interesting and informative course. Now I know more about the pangolin and how to behave without causing any harm or stress if we are lucky to find one at our camp. 

Richard Adams, South Africa

The course kept your attention with the graphics and educational information. We can’t expect people to care if they don’t even know the problem exists! 

Allysa van der Watt, UK

Excellent and quick overview of the African pangolins. Absolutely worth taking for anyone who cares about wildlife and our heritage. 

Jennifer Adebayo, Namibia

I had no idea about the plight of pangolins. Thanks to this course, I now understand the animals better and am inspired to do my bit to help them survive!

Lucien Stennett, USA

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